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Comex’s Sistema Tintometrico Color Center gives customers access to a large color scale.

Colors were sold through a very basic color sampler before this system was deployed.

The Parque Reforma corporate offices, where Kroma was founded, opened at the end of the 80’s.

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Those were years of great activity and design, and more production and specialties sub-plants were added to the Tepexpan plant.

Comex stores carry everything needed to paint or coat.

Qualified personnel recommend textures and finishings, and also offer customers practical tips and advice on how to prepare, repair and maintain different areas.

Production area Made up by six industrial plants located in Mexico City’s metropolitan area and its surroundings: • Comercial Mexicana de Pinturas • Empresa AGA • Amercoat Mexicana • Fábrica de Pinturas Universales • Akzo Nobel Comex • Plásticos Envolventes Marketing area Responsible for distributing, marketing and selling all the group’s products through its two trading companies.

• Centro de Distribución México • Pinturas Meridian Services area Driven by Auto-transportes Delta, founded in 1991.

Created in order to take advantage of the Group’s synergy.